Red Flags Indicating Need For an OT/PT Evaluation

Tender Care’s very own Cheryl Fox shared with us some signs that could indicate the need for an Occupational/Physical Therapy Evaluation.

Red Flags indicating need for an Occupational/Physical Therapy Evaluation:
1. Your child’s limbs seem stiff
2. Your child’s muscles feel floppy and loose
3. Your child doesn’t walk yet
4. Your child is walking on his/her toes
5. Your child favors one hand or side of his/her body
6. Your child seems very clumsy
7. Your child is constantly moving
8. Your child has trouble grasping and manipulating objects
9. Your child drools and has difficulty eating
10. Your child’s motor skills are regressing
11. Your child has sensitivity to various textures, tastes, and/or noises
12. Your child has poor handwriting or is unable to grasp a writing implement
13. Your child is unable to roll over

Thanks for the great info Cheryl!


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